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Various Ways to Overcome Blurred Vision During Pregnancy

Various Ways to Overcome Blurred Vision During Pregnancy
Masmaol.com - Blurred vision during pregnancy is usually caused by excess fluid in the body. This condition causes the cornea to become thicker and the pressure inside the eyeball to increase, especially in the second and third trimesters.

Apart from that, blurred vision during pregnancy can also be caused by dry eyes, dizziness, hormonal changes, to more serious health conditions, such as retinal damage or preeclampsia.

How to Overcome Blurred Vision in Pregnant Women

Blurred vision during pregnancy will usually subside on its own about six weeks after giving birth or after completing breastfeeding. However, there are several ways pregnant women can do to help deal with discomfort due to blurred vision:

Wear glasses when on the move

Wearing glasses during activities will make pregnant women's vision clearer and protect their eyes from too bright light. If pregnant women were previously accustomed to using contact lenses, it is recommended to replace them with glasses.

Use artificial tears

Use artificial tear drops that can be purchased over the counter without a doctor's prescription to treat blurred vision due to dry eyes. However, pregnant women should consult a doctor first, because not all eye drops available on the market are safe for pregnant women to use.

Rest your eyes regularly

For pregnant women who are active in front of a laptop or cellphone screen, it's best to do regular eye breaks. Resting the eyes can be done with the 20-20-20 technique, which is resting the eyes every 20 minutes for 20 seconds by looking at objects 20 feet away.

Compress the eye with cold water

In addition to providing freshness to the eyes, compressing the eyes with cold water can help overcome blurred vision. It's easy, just dip a clean towel in ice water, then compress your eyes for a few minutes.

In most cases, blurred vision during pregnancy is not a cause for concern. However, pregnant women should immediately consult a doctor if blurred vision occurs suddenly, or is accompanied by headaches, abdominal pain, swelling, and black dots in vision.

This may indicate visual impairment caused by preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or retinal damage.


Apart from carrying out an eye examination, the doctor will also examine the health condition of the pregnant woman, as well as the condition of the pregnancy and the fetus, to find out the cause of blurred vision. After the cause is known, the doctor can provide appropriate treatment.

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