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How to Overcome Gum Abscess Easily

How to Overcome Gum Abscess Easily
Masmaol.com - Gum abscess occurs when bacteria in the oral cavity get into the space between the teeth and gums. This condition generally occurs in people whose dental hygiene is poorly maintained and suffers from periodontitis.

A gum abscess is characterized by several symptoms, such as swollen, red gums and loose teeth, teeth sensitive to h*t and cold, pus coming out of a lump on the gums, bad breath, fever, and pain in the teeth that radiates to the chin, neck and ears .

How to Overcome Gum Abscess

Gum abscesses cannot heal on their own and require treatment from a dentist. Before going to the doctor, while you can take pain relievers, such as paracetamol, to relieve pain. In addition, avoid foods that easily make your teeth ache and avoid chewing with your teeth on the sore side.

To treat a gum abscess, the dentist will remove the source of the infection causing the abscess. Here are some ways dentists treat gum abscesses:

Removing pus from the gums

It is necessary to remove pus from the gums to remove the source of infection and prevent complications. The doctor will make a small incision in the gum area that has an abscess to remove the pus and bacteria that cause the gum abscess. After that, the doctor will clean the gums and teeth down to the roots of the teeth to get rid of debris from the abscess.

So that you don't get sick during the process, the doctor will give you a local anesthetic some time before this action is carried out.

Doing root canal treatment or pulling teeth

An infection that has caused an abscess will usually also attack the tooth's root canal. Therefore, root canal treatment is needed to remove the infected soft tissue inside the tooth. This procedure is performed by drilling the tooth until the root canal is visible.

If root canal treatment is ineffective, the dentist will remove the tooth. After the tooth is extracted, the pus on the gum will be cleaned to get rid of the infection.

Give antibiotics and pain relievers

In addition to the actions mentioned above, dentists will usually also prescribe antibiotics. This medication will help reduce swelling and prevent the infection from spreading. The doctor will also give pain relievers to relieve toothache during recovery after the procedure.

Gum abscess causes unpleasant symptoms and needs to be treated with quite complicated treatments. Therefore, try to always maintain the health and hygiene of your teeth properly.

Brush your teeth 2–3 times a day, especially after eating, and regularly clean your teeth by going to the doctor at least once every 6 months.


Immediately visit the dentist if you experience symptoms of a gum abscess. Early treatment of gum abscesses can provide good results. However, if not treated immediately, the infection can spread to surrounding tissues or even enter the bloodstream and become life threatening.

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