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5 Ways to Overcome Stuffy Nose in Children

5 Ways to Overcome Stuffy Nose in Children
Masmaol.com - Nasal congestion occurs when the tissues in the nasal passages become irritated and swollen. This condition can be caused by various things. However, in children, nasal congestion is generally caused by a cold cough (common cold).

Apart from coughing up colds, nasal congestion in children can also be caused by various other things, ranging from allergies, sinusitis, vasomotor rhinitis, to more serious conditions, such as nasal polyps, to Churg-Strauss syndrome.

How to Overcome Stuffy Nose in Children

As previously mentioned, even though it can lead to serious conditions, complaints of nasal congestion in children are more common due to the common cold or cold cough. This condition will usually subside on its own within one week.

However, if you feel worried, especially if your little one becomes fussy or complains of not being able to breathe freely, there are several things you can do to relieve the nasal congestion he is experiencing, including:

Give the Child More Fluid Intake

For toddlers, you can give them more fluid intake, both water, fruit juice, and warm soup, to help thin the mucus that has accumulated in their nose so that it can come out more easily.

However, if your little one is under 6 months old, you can help relieve the nasal congestion he is experiencing by feeding him breast milk as often as possible.

Bathe the Child in Warm Water

The next way you can do to relieve complaints of nasal congestion in children is to bathe them in warm water. Not only does it make him feel more comfortable, the moist air from warm water vapor can also open your little one's nasal cavities and thin the mucus in his nose to make it easier to get out.

Apart from taking a warm bath, Mother also treats nasal congestion in your little one with steam therapy. This can be done by running a warm shower or filling a bathtub with h*t water.

Then, take your little one into the bathroom and close the bathroom door tightly. After that, accompany your little one and let him breathe the warm steam in the bathroom until he can breathe freely.

Set the Child's Sleeping Position

Sleeping with the head higher than the body is known to relieve nasal congestion. You can do this by helping your little one sleep using two pillows.

However, avoid using too many pillows, OK, Bun. The reason is, sleeping with the head too high can actually make your little one's neck hurt, making it difficult for him to sleep comfortably.

Use a Snot Vacuum

Nasal aspirators or snot suction devices can be used to help remove mucus or snot that is blocked in the child's nose, especially if the child has not been able to blow his own nose.

To use it, lay your little one down or tilt his head first. Then, instill 2–3 drops of the saline solution into each nostril and wait 60 seconds to loosen the mucus in the blocked nose. After that, help the child to sit back.

Press the nasal aspirator and insert the pipette or the tip into the nose. Then loosen the pressure on the nasal aspirator until the mucus or snot in the nose is sucked into it.

Avoid Exposure to Air Pollution

If a child's stuffy nose is caused by allergies, you should avoid exposure to air pollution, such as cigarette smoke and dust. This is because exposure to dust and smoke can exacerbate irritation or allergies in your little one, so that nasal congestion gets worse.

If necessary, also use a humidifier to keep the air in your little one's house or room moist. By keeping the air moist, the irritation in your little one's nose can be reduced and the blocked mucus is easier to remove.


In adults, complaints of nasal congestion can be overcome by taking drugs on the market, such as decongestants and antihistamines. However, these drugs are not safe for consumption by children, especially if the child is under 4 years old.

Therefore, if your little one's nasal congestion doesn't improve even though Mother has tried various ways to deal with the stuffy nose in the child above, take your little one to the doctor for further examination in order to get the appropriate treatment.

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