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5 Ways to Overcome Babies Difficult to Eat Easily

5 Ways to Overcome Babies Difficult to Eat Easily
Masmaol.com - Babies having difficulty eating can be caused by many things, for example because they feel full, have food allergies, are tired, don't like the food that is given. In addition, several conditions, such as premature birth, diarrhea, jaundice, and ear infections, can cause babies to have difficulty eating. Even though it is quite normal, difficulty eating can have a fatal impact on babies if left untreated, especially for a long time.

Various Ways to Overcome Babies Difficult to Eat

Dealing with a baby who has trouble eating is tiring, but try to stay calm. In certain cases, babies can grow healthy and normal even though they have difficulty eating.

However, if he doesn't gain weight because he has trouble eating, you shouldn't let it go, because your baby could be deficient in nutrition, experience growth retardation, and even psychological disorders.

There are several ways to deal with babies having difficulty eating that can be done at home, including:

Feed Him Slowly

Don't force your baby to eat if he refuses. Recognize when the baby starts to feel hungry. Usually babies will whine or become fussy if they feel hungry. Try to feed him slowly when he starts to feel hungry.

You can also feed him in small portions but more frequently, rather than all at once in large portions.

Smooth Food

One of the reasons babies have difficulty swallowing food is because the food given is too hard. For that, try to smooth baby food by adding milk or water.

Avoid Giving New Food too Often

Not infrequently the baby will refuse if given new food that he has never eaten before. To overcome this, you can mix the new food with the food menu that is usually consumed daily.

If you want to introduce a new type of food, then give it gradually and don't change the food menu too quickly.

At the Right Time

Babies tend to refuse to eat when they feel sleepy. Therefore, pay attention to the right time before you feed him, for example after he wakes up or after he plays.

Keep Food Allergens Away

If your baby has difficulty eating because of allergies, try to avoid foods that trigger allergies in your baby. Foods that trigger allergies can be milk, peanuts, soy, wheat, seafood, or eggs.

If the various ways to deal with babies having difficulty eating are not able to make it easier for your baby to eat, you should consult a doctor for proper treatment.


Be aware of the baby's condition having difficulty eating if accompanied by symptoms in the form of a baby crying constantly, vomiting after eating, having bloody bowel movements, not responding when touched, or experiencing a fever with a body temperature above 37°C. Immediately take the baby to the nearest doctor or health service.

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